About Us

Our platform is providing the most comprehensive contents from thousands of sources around the world,
while supporting 10 different sport types in 20 languages.

Our Vision

In the short term, we wish to create a better way for people to enjoy sports. Looking into the future, our vision is to become a leading provider of Personalized Content Channels.

365scores’ vision is to give people the power to consume exactly the sports content they wish to consume.

Power to Choose

365scores has returned the ‘power’ to the people - allowing each individual to create their own content frames.


We offer a cross media platform that allows people to create their own sport channel on any device in any language.


Our comprehensive, personalized engine:

  1. 1. Collects:
  2. 2. Analyzes:
  3. 3. Sends:
  1. 1. Collects:

    We gather sports information from hundreds of sources in all languages.

  2. 2. Analyzes:

    With our smart, powerful algorithm we analyze and organize the data according to user preferences (including localization).

  3. 3. Sends:

    We deliver data to users with our advance real time push notifications.